Facebook allows you to create a backup of your data, ensuring that you have a copy of your information in case you need it. Whether you want to keep a personal archive or are planning to delete your account, having a backup can be useful. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to create a backup of your Facebook data.

Web Browser

  1. Click on your Profile picture in the upper-right corner of the Facebook page.
  2. Select Settings & Privacy > Settings
  3. Select Your Facebook information on the left hand side.
  4. On the right hand side, click on the View button next to Download profile information
  5. Next to Download Profile Information, click on View.
  6. You should get a notification from Meta. Click Request a download
  7. It may take several days before you receive a notification from Facebook that your download is ready.
  8. You’ll Select accounts and profiles
  9. Then whether you want to do a Complete copy or Select types of information
  10. Verify the Notify is pointing to an email you have access to
  11. For Date Range, select All Time and Save
  12. For Format, select HTML and Save
  13. For Media quality, select High and Save
  14. Verify one last time and click on Submit request
  15. You will be notified when the file is ready to download