Skylar Hinrichs, an inspirational entrepreneur, creator, and deep thinker uses his blog to reach his followers to spread his positivity, mental health insights, and other thoughts on life. With Tiempo, he’s able to focus on the content on his blog without having to deal with any of the back-end maintenance of the server hosting his WordPress website.

Skylar reached out to Tiempo in late 2023 after having some speed issues with his current hosting provider. His goal was to focus on the content that he’s generating and not deal with the headaches of server management that a lot of folks end up having to deal with when their creating personal blogging websites.

Tiempo primarily uses DigitalOcean to host WordPress websites and pricing is kept low due to the fact that multiple websites can be securely hosted on a single server. After meeting with Skylar and going through some initial configuration changes he needed to make on his side since he owned the domain, the existing blog was migrated to a Tiempo managed server and Skylar was able to continue producing the insightful content he wanted to focus on.

You can visit his website by clicking the button below.

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